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What FiftyLife can do for you...

The decision to get Life Insurance can feel like a big step, and there are a lot of products on the market. We’re committed to helping you get it right, so take a look at the benefits of FiftyLife’s over 50s Life Insurance, and decide whether it’s right for you.

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Take a look at the reasons why FiftyLife over 50s life insurance could work for you.

Keep it simple

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Guaranteed acceptance

If you're a UK resident aged 50-84, we will cover you. It's as simple as that.

No traps, no quibbles, no small print, and no secret handshakes. We've fixed it so that anyone who wants to protect their nearest and dearest with excellent value Life Insurance cover, can do just that.

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No medical

FiftyLife offers Life Insurance with no medical exam required and there's also no requirement for you to provide full medical details before you get a quote.

All we ask is a question around smoking habits, and the amount you'd like to pay each month, and we'll work out the amount of cover you can get!

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Straight-talking communication

You can buy from us online, and we offer UK-based phone support, 7 days per week!

There's no gimmicks with FiftyLife. It's just great value cover offering a cash lump sum payout on your death. It's easy to understand and easy to buy.

Here at FiftyLife, we've made it as easy as possible to get in touch and talk through any questions you might have.

We have some of the lowest prices around*

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Low prices

Making sure that you don't leave your family with a burden shouldn't cost the earth.

We believe that giving them some financial protection is better than none, so our Life Insurance for over 50s is priced low enough to be accessible to as many people as possible, while still offering meaningful cover. We offer flexible pricing so that you can choose a premium to suit you.

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Capped payments

When you reach 90 years of age, your monthly payments stop.

Our over 50s Life Insurance is all about helping you enjoy your later years, and taking a load off your mind. To help you achieve this, your payments will stop once you reach 90, but your family will still enjoy the full agreed payout from your cover.

Fixed monthly payments icon

Fixed monthly payments

A deal's a deal, so we won't change what you pay.

Having the payments you pay each month agreed and fixed means you can easily budget for them and stay covered. Just another way in which we're making Life Insurance easier and more affordable for everyone.

We'll help ease the burden

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Peace of mind

Life Insurance could be a good way to plan for the future.

What's better than knowing that those most important to you are going to be properly looked after when you're no longer here to help them? By helping to make sure initial costs after your death are covered, this could remove at least some uncertainty about what tomorrow might bring.

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A simple cash lump sum

When the time comes to pay out, what you're covered for is what your family will receive.

By agreeing your preferred cash sum, anywhere up to £10,000, right at the start of your cover, you make it easy for your loved ones to plan ahead. We're 100% transparent about what they'll receive, to ease as much of their burden as possible.

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Full cover for accidents

You're fully, immediately covered if you die from an accident.

With Life Insurance from FiftyLife, you're fully covered for any cause of death after paying monthly for two years. But if you die in an accident, we'll cover you from day one, so rest assured that those you leave behind won't find themselves in dire straits, if the worst should happen.

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