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David Evans

David Evans is a teacher turned blogger, who writes about fashion and styling for the modern 40+ man over at Grey Fox Blog. He spoke to us about the things he’s learned over the years, and why contributing to society motivates him.

What has been the best thing you’ve achieved in life?

Having a wonderful wife and children. After all, we’re here to pass on our genes to the next generation and to do this successfully (I hope) is a huge achievement and privilege.

Is there an opportunity you wish you had taken?

Nothing major. I’d have liked to have had a better understanding of all the career paths open to me when I was young. Like many men of my generation who went to university, it was law or medicine. I chose law and never really enjoyed it. However, it’s important not to have regrets and I hope I’ve made the most of life.

What are you most looking forward to in the next 10 years?

Developing my blog, Grey Fox Blog, around the opportunities and challenges of age. We are lucky to have chances that were not really open to our parents and grandparents as we get older and I want to explore these and share them with others.

What’s the most valuable advice you can give someone?

Follow your own path. Decide for yourself what you enjoy doing and what you’re good at and find some way of weaving those into your professional and leisure lives.

What are you most enjoying about this part of your life?

Seeing my children establish themselves in their careers and relationships. I’m also loving taking time on my blog and the surrounding social media.

What is your biggest motivator in life?

Being happy and fulfilled by contributing to society and the world around us. I see so many people now who are so wrapped up in themselves that they can’t see their problems in perspective. The more interest we take in what’s around us, the better. How can we improve society and the environment? That question should always be at the front of our minds.

What’s been your biggest life lesson so far and how did you learn it?

There are so many. One is be willing to tell people how much you appreciate them and what they do. I’ve learned this from the kind people who give me feedback on what I do on the blog to support their businesses and share my learning with them. Without their feedback I would be uninformed and unable to improve what I do.

What’s been your biggest regret?

Not owning an Aston Martin DB5 – maybe one day.

Would you rather regret things that you have or haven’t done?

I think it’s better to regret things you have done. We learn by our mistakes and unless we’ve tried we’ll never know. Regretting things we haven’t done is a bit pointless as we can usually just get up and do them (or something similar to put right the omission) if we really feel strongly about them.

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