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Why buy from us?

With a lot of Life Insurance products and providers on the market, what makes FiftyLife so special?

We know our audience

We spoke to people like you and realised that Over 50s Life Insurance is often far too complicated. We know the value of straightforward life insurance, which is simple and low priced. It was clear that there was no requirement for gimmicks and complicated medical forms – you simply want a good price!

…That’s why we created FiftyLife – bringing you guaranteed over 50s life insurance.

  • Help secure peace of mind for you and your family when you’re gone
  • Take out cover online with our easy-to-use website – get cover in a matter of minutes
  • Our expert, UK-based call centre are here to support you taking out cover
  • We guarantee to insure any UK resident aged 50-84
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We make Over 50s Life Insurance easy

Gone are the days where getting cover meant chasing around brokers’ offices, filling out mountains of paperwork and generally jumping through hoops. FiftyLife have streamlined the application process, and removed all the surprises.

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No medical required - We just ask a few simple questions to work out how best to cover you, and you're on your way.

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Your payments are capped. When you reach the grand old age of 90, your monthly payments stop - Simple as that!

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You're fully and immediately covered for accidental death, and for any cause of death after two years.

We're honest about cost

Nowadays, it’s important to keep track of where your money is going. When it comes to Over 50s Life Insurance, we make it easy to plan for the future by taking away the uncertainty about how cover might work for you.

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We offer flexible pricing so that you can choose a premium to suit you.

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With us, your payments will never change – letting you easily budget for each month and stay covered.

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When the time comes to pay out, your family receive one straightforward cash lump sum, to spend however they need.

Please note, inflation will cause the value of your cover to fall over time - so it would be worthwhile to review this after a period of time. For example, £3,000 of cover may pay for a funeral today, but will be worth less in the future, and therefore may not cover a funeral in 10 years' time.

You will not be able to change an existing policy, but you could take out a new one, as way of a 'top up' (as long as the total value of combined policies does not exceed £10,000).

Sound good? We thought so. If you're ready to get started with low-cost over-50s Life Insurance from FiftyLife