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What is over 50s Life Insurance?

Over 50s Life Insurance

When you’re gone, you don’t want to leave funeral expenses and any debts, for your family to pick up – you want to reduce the burden on them, as much as possible.

Well, there’s good news from FiftyLife. You can help financially protect the people closest to you with our low-cost, straight-talking Over 50s Life Insurance.

We guarantee cover to UK residents aged 50-84, with some of the lowest prices around*

It only takes a minute to see how Life Insurance can work for you.

How does Over 50s Life Insurance work?

It only takes a minute to see how Life Insurance can work for you.
By covering yourself with over 50s Life Insurance cover, for a monthly payment of your choice, you're making sure that your family don't have to worry about finances when you die. In exchange for low monthly payments, you secure a cash lump sum (up to a maximum of £10,000), paid to whoever you like upon your death.

This money can be used for anything:

  • It might cover your funeral expenses. Funerals can be very expensive affairs, so having a cash payout to cover this could be of enormous benefit to those you leave behind.
  • To settle any joint debts, safeguarding your family against finding themselves out of pocket.
  • To leave something behind to help a family member, maybe a child or grandchild.

You could also add a funeral benefit option to your cover, giving you even more flexibility and control over how the cash sum from your cover, gets spent.

We also make it easy to get cover, with no medical exam, no mountains of paperwork, and no middlemen getting in the way.

Unlike a lot of Life Insurance offered, the over 50s product doesn’t require a detailed medical report, and we don’t ask you a single medical question. Some insurers are hard to contact or won’t do business online, requiring help from a financial advisor just to speak to them. All that adds time, cost, and pointless hassle to the process of getting insurance… so we wanted to be different and make it easier for you.

By streamlining our service, we pass savings right onto you. In fact, our Life Insurance for over-50s has some of the lowest prices around*.

No one knows how long we will be around for. If you take out over 50s life insurance you will be fully covered after 2 years (with immediate cover for accidental death), and right the way up until you die. Your monthly payments continue until you’re 90. So if you live a long life, you may pay in more than you get out. Over 50s life insurance is an insurance product and not a savings plan.

Still have questions about over 50s life insurance? Find answers in our frequently asked questions.

Guaranteed acceptance for Over 50s Life Insurance

Worried that Over 50s Life Insurance might not be for you? Don’t be. If you’re a UK resident aged 50-84, we guarantee that we’ll accept you. Not only that, we’ll offer:

  • Fixed monthly payments that suit you. Those payments will never go up, so you can budget the exact amount you need each month to keep yourself covered.
  • Any amount of cover you need, up to £10,000. Whatever financial protection your loved ones need, we can help you make sure they get it.
  • Friendly support from our UK-based contact centres. Whenever you need assistance during the process, we're there for you every step of the way.
  • Capped payments. When you reach 90 years old, your payments stop, but your loved ones still receive your full agreed pay-out.

We also offer immediate cover for accidental death. If you die from an unforeseen accident at any point after setting up your cover with us – you’re covered! Otherwise, you’re fully covered with us, for any cause of death, after two years.

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*Comparison made Monday 18th February 2019